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Where It All Start!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Lol. Joke but He did for real thou.

My name is Dayna, YaadiGurl. Dayna came from a soap called Dynasty, way back in the days. I am the daughter of Michelle Lovena Clarke. Talk about caring, loving, and helpful, that was my mommy. Always looking out for someone. I got some of my best trait from her.

My mom past away almost 7 years ago and this grief journey is never ending but gets sure get betters with time.

My love for cooking comes from her and it have been what have kept me over the last 7 years, especially on my pregnancy lost journey. "Cookin Is Outlet"

I remember watching her getting up early to cook food to sell at the school fence for lunch time.

Mommy coulda cook. Finger lickin gud. Have to come back for more. The creator of juice flava. Talk bout fried chicken bak for $20, My Motha.

Sunday Dinner was the BEST, always extra delicious and worth the week wait. Always enough to share with others and a new juice or punch to taste.

On Sundays, I would go to church in the morning, then comeback home and have breakfast has I watched mommy prep for Sunday Dinner.

She would wash the peas, then escallion and thyme and everything else and add it to the pot. Coulda cook a pork yah, pork was one of her favorite go to proteins for Sunday Dinner.

That was and still is my favorite memory of us.

You can definitely have Sunday Dinner any time of week. Come back for more stories of the Beginning. A next time.

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