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How To Make Jerk Wings?! | Beginners Friendly | Jamaican #JerkWings

Wassup Wassup Everyone!?

Comment down below and let me know, how are you doing. Okay! Okay!

If you love Jerk Wings and want to learn how to make them, oven style then this is for you.

Check it out and give it a try.

This is a quick, simple and easy recipe Jerk Wing recipe. Flavorful and Delicious. Enjoy! Thanks for watching. Ingredients For Jamaican Style Jerk Wings 2lbs Wings 3Tbs of Oil ( save some for grease pan for baking) 1tsp of Browning (optional) 2 tsp of Jerk Sauce (more if you like spice) 1tsp of Mrs Dash 1tsp of Powder Ginger 1tsp of All Purpose Seasoning 1tsp of Paprika 1tsp of Garlic Powder 1tsp of Onion Powder 1tsp of Southwest Chipotle Seasoning 1tsp of Black Pepper 1tsp of Salt 1tsp of Italian Seasoning 1tsp of Old Bay

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