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Our Vision here at Yaadi Gurl Flava is to connect  people to God through food.

Our mission is not just leave you with the skills and tools to cook your own meal or a bellyful but that you leave spirituallyful on God and His Word whether you are on the start of your  journey with Him or somewhere out in the deep.

I have always wanted to learn how to cook authentic Jamaican cuisine; however, I struggled with
figuring out where to purchase quality products and with which recipes were authentic after
scouring the internet for hours. Then Yaadi Gurl Flava happened! Dayna began offering virtual
cook-along classes and there was no turning back from there. She provides you with a detailed
item list prior to the beginning of the course to ensure that you have everything prepared ahead
of time. In her group classes thus far, I have learned how to make Jamaican curry chicken,
oxtails, and jerk chicken egg rolls. I have also taken two of her individual cook-along classes
where I learned how to make Jamaican pumpkin soup and brown stew chicken. Dayna is
extremely patient during her cooking classes. She likes to see how your food looks as it is
cooking, she asks questions, and she will pause if you need to catch up or are feeling lost.
Dayna’s passion for her work is evident in how she interacts with her students. She is clearly
interested in seeing her students make delicious authentic Jamaican cuisine that you will want to
make repeatedly! As a bonus in her classes, she reviews professional plating techniques so that
you not only have great tasting food, but it is presented beautifully too! My husband and I have
been enjoying the food and new flavors so much. It has added to my culinary repertoire! Dayna
is walking in the giftings that God has placed within her and because of her obedience, I have
been blessed beyond measure in the kitchen. So, come get this Yaadi Gurl Flava! I highly
recommend taking her cooking classes!

Jazman A. Cooking Class Review

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